Episode 6: Competition Report – Old Town Clovis

While patiently awaiting my BJCP tasting exam results I judged another competition, this time local! This was the inaugural year for the Old Town Clovis Homebrew Competition and they did a fantastic job.

Old Town Clovis Brew Crawl

Episode 2: Provisional Rank and the BJCP Entrance Exam

In this weeks episode I talk about my experience with the BJCP Entrance exam and what the initial rank of Provisional means. I also review the resources that I used when preparing for the test.

Then I look at how to get involved in your first home brew competition as a steward.

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Show Notes:

Style Guidelines

Study Guide

Exam Program Description

BJCP Competition Handbook

Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink

Brewing Better Beer: Master Lessons for Advanced Homebrewers

Becoming a Beer Judge – Introduction

Are you Looking to improve your results in home brewing competitions? Or just trying to understand whats going on when we’re fussing over a well made beer.

Whether you’re an experienced beer judge, seasoned brewer, or looking to make your first home brew sit back and enjoy the ride as I dive into all topics craft beer.

Becoming a beer judge is a show about demystifying the experience and passion surrounding beer evaluation. We’ll talk to judges after competitions, review resources used for palette development and hone our skills for beer evaluation.

I’m Aaron Collier, follow along on my quest to becoming beer judge.

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